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Childfree Simple Living

Voluntary Simplicity

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This is a community made for the use of childfree, single, or even childless couples. Many websites for simple living, also known as voluntary simplicity, focus on families and how to adjust to kids' demands while continuing an anti-consumerism lifestyle. This community was made for people without kids to contend with, therefore different needs in their lifestyle. I, for one, never needed to create a noisemaker out of paper plates or paper towel tubes.

For more information on simple living, check the wikipedia article. This is not a new movement, but it is reactionary toward the harried, consumerist culture particularly in the United States, but also in other countries that are gradually increasing their work hours and decreasing the level of humanity. When church members become bar codes for better efficiency at determining attendance, perhaps something has gone seriously wrong.

Simple living does not presume anti-technology or anti-capitalism. Some simple living groups do follow these philosophies, but odds are that the anti-technology types would not be on the internet, so no worries there. And for some people, the Internet is an excellent form of minimalization because it decreases our carbon prints on ecology. We welcome anti-capitalists, but ask that members here respect differing values. One thing you'll have in common is anticonsumerism.

Different religions embrace simple living, which is not necessarily asceticism, but does not exclude the possibility: Hinduism (think Gandhi), Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, neopaganism, etc. All religions as well as atheists and agnostics are welcome here, so this is not a place to push a religious agenda, although woes about how people of your same religion think you are being unrealistic and selfish is fine. The Protestant work ethic is notorious for equating material wealth with piety.

Just about anything is welcome here: quotes, debates and discussions, the woes of reaching for simplicity in a society that exalts material wealth, ideas, pictures of creative things you've done to simplify your life, recipes, alternatives, etc.

What we do not allow is trolling. Voluntary simplicity is not for everyone, which is why it's voluntary. I've found that those who scorn simple living are people who either really want to follow the lifestyle but feel it is impossible (or who do not want to give up their luxuries), or they simply are not fitted for the lifestyle. We're all different. Do not confuse simple living for being a simple life. It is different, it is hard work, and it is not for everyone. Live and let live. But no trolling.

People with families: You have so many sites to help you, I'm sure you won't begrudge those of us without kids a little place where we don't have to wade through cloth diapers and arts and crafts in order to find things meaningful to our life without children. You are welcome to post as long as you don't talk about your kids. (Consider that if the very obvious rule is here, odds are it has been broken before.)

"Simplify, simplify." - Henry David Thoreau (then why didn't he just put one 'Simplify'?)