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DDingI thought it would be a propos to the community to share my end of the year diving tally. It takes about two hours for each time I troll the campus. The campus may be small, but I take the stairs to every floor of every dorm to look in all the trash cans and bins. I usually go twice a week, but I went about five times in the last week. It's a good walk, lots of stairs, good exercise, very zen. Here are my best finds, most of which were in the trash area rather than the donation bins!

  • Two flower pictures valued at $30 each
  • Big wicker basket
  • Two plastic drawer units: One is plain, but the other is pretty fancy with a black frame and a faux wooden top that matches my desk and bookshelf.
  • Heart boxes
  • Pink, chenille scarf and magnetic hematite for cousins
  • Neiman Marcus butterfly key chain
  • Plastic bin
  • A wide variety of dishes
  • Two sets of sheets without pillowcases, but I rarely match pillowcases anyway
  • Lava lamp: Story with this one. I had to give away my lava lamp last year because I forgot to give it to my mom when she came to pick up half of my stuff at the end of the year, and because it was a floor lamp, it was too long for my car. I was reluctant to let it go. So I'm glad I have a new one. I hope it works okay.
  • Chenille cardigan
  • Folding clothes rack
  • Black bookshelf that weighed a ton
  • Bohemian clutch purse
  • Lots of food products that I kept or put on the freebie table

I also do MyCoke Rewards and Pepsi Points (to a lesser degree because my university is primarily a Coke campus). I get much more yield from the recycle bins than trash bins during the majority of the year, and it's been quite lucrative. I still have about 350 codes left. Here are things for which I've already redeemed my codes (total value over $150):

  • Stuffed Coke polar bear for my mom's Christmas gift (she loves those polar bears)
  • Proctor Silex sandwich maker: Sold for too little
  • $50 Sephora.com eGift certificate: Sold for $40
  • iPod docking station
  • $75 gift certificate to Blockbuster: That was fantastic, a completely guilt-free DVD splurge. I'm a DVD junkie.

So the moral of this story is: I may look odd when I'm digging through stinky trash bins (and when I tell people that I dig through stinky trash cans), but I get the last laugh.


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May. 14th, 2008 01:10 pm (UTC)
thanks for the reminder
ooh, I need to get on this - it's 'moving week' right about now in my (college) town and everything I own seems to be broken... and (being CF) I got a new car (which I don't tend to drive much anyways, thank you bus system) and it's pretty spacey for a hatchback so I need to go out hunting.
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